I started shooting plus size models in 2000 after coming out of a modeling/screenwriting/film directing/documentary background. While straight size photography has always been the breeding ground for creativity, plus size photography, with a few exceptions, is often notoriously unimaginative.

Plus size models range from size 8 to 18, and these girls possess the same qualities straight size models have..they are just larger. I dedicated myself to plus size models and clients, because I feel I can contribute to women's self esteem by creating beautiful images of models who are larger than a size 2. Beauty really isn't one size fits all, especially when that size is a 2.

I also believe in keeping photos as natural looking as possible without gratuitous retouching; we are shooting people, not mannequins. I believe a crinkly-eyed smile is hardly the end of the world; I like to recognize what's unique in my subjects and accentuate that.